Water Features

Water Works: What to Consider

Before adding landscape water features, home owners should ask themselves some key questions. Some home owners also want to be sure that they’re not out of step with good environmental practices. While landscape water features may seem wasteful, it doesn’t have to be. An American Society of Landscape Architects Survey cited 84% of architects will use some form of water in their designs. And 86% say they will increase their use of water in the landscape.

Enhance Your Local Ecosystem

As soon as your water feature is installed, you’ll begin to notice an increase in wildlife on your property. Birds will visit, and dragonflies will dart around. Instead of a barren span of horizontal land, your yard will become a haven for beneficial wildlife. Inviting wildlife onto your property provides endless hours of entertainment and educational opportunities for you and your family.
All living creatures need water to survive, so you’ll be supporting life in your little corner of the world. The plants you include in your landscaping plan, along with your water features, bring your property into harmony with the habitat around you.

Make Garden One-of-a-Kind

When you design a water feature for your yard, you get a chance to make your home truly unique. Everything about your water feature can be specially designed for your space. For instance, rocks can be hand carved to create beautiful flowing water elements and falls.
If you’d like to enjoy the soothing sounds of nature, invite wildlife onto your property, and fill your space with a low-maintenance, one-of-a-kind landscaping element, talk to us about including a water feature in your landscaping.

Popular Landscape Water Features

Natural Rock Waterfalls

Create a natural rock waterfall in a quiet corner of the yard. Surround it with lovely trees, shrubs, plants and landscape lighting. Or design a tiered waterfall with trickling water that falls into a stream below.

Free-Standing Fountains

If you have a small yard, a fountain is a great way to provide water sounds while conserving space. In the front yard, a fountain will create a welcoming entrance. And adds a relaxing atmosphere to a backyard sanctuary.

Outdoor Ponds

Ponds are a great landscape feature that family and guests love. Also, you can personalize the pond with underwater lighting, plants, flowers, or colorful koi fish. Add a small ledge with a trickling waterfall for running water sounds.

Reflecting pools

Reflecting pools and pondless waterfall create a great option for smaller properties. These features can be scaled down to fit into most landscapes. Yet they provide all the natural benefits of their larger cousins. Plus, they require less maintenance. And if you install an automatic re-fill system, all you have to do is start ‘em up and shut ‘em down.

Bubbling Rocks and Fountains

Bubbling rocks offer a uniquely personal and subtle feature to landscapes. Also, these fountains are perfect for noisy yards and work well in small spaces. Because of the variety available, this feature lends itself to blend in nicely with every type of landscape design. So the rocks are more for the natural garden and the fountain for the formal.

Water Walls and Rills

This is the trend-setting category. For example, two-story water walls, such as the one pictured here, are extremely popular. Scale down water walls and rills to fit into a small but highly visible space for smaller budgets. Furthermore, a water course filled with pebbles on the sides and in between a stepper walkway gives you the feel of walking on water.

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