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A new landscape installation can replace older irrigation systems, plants that are ill fitted to your environment, and freshen up woody plants that have overgrown over the years. The appearance of your premises is an essential element of your Home or business, a new landscape installation can save money and provide your area with an updated look.

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Regardless of whether or not Acacio designed your landscape plan, we will always treat your landscape installation project with the utmost care. Once your plantings, trees, shrubs, and other landscape accents have been chosen, our landscape designers will assess the plantings already on-site and determine.

Once the installation sites have been determined and any limitations or challenges have been identified, we will begin the installation process. We start with a thorough site preparation process to amend the soil, complete any needed grading, and finish any pre-installation work.

Throughout the installation process, our project managers and landscape designers will work hand in hand with installation professionals to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. After finishing your installation, our installation professionals will water, mulch, and complete site clean-up tasks to leave your landscape better than they found it.

Entrusting Your Landscapes to Professionals

With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your source for the highest quality and landscaping service. Our mission is to provide outstanding landscaping services with expert care and a professional approach. We want to help simplify your busy life and provide you with an outdoor oasis you can be proud of.

If you love the look of fresh grass but do not like the hassle of mud, mowing and maintenance – we are here to provide a practical and easy solution!

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“Acacio did what they said they were going to do, when they said they would be doing it, and kept us informed throughout.”

Jon Homme

Monrovia manager

Steps To A Successful Landscape Installation

Design and Installation

It all begins with a meeting between our designer and you. This meeting is essential for gathering the information needed to complete the design. Using Dynascape software, we are able to provide accurate CAD drawings.

New Irrigation

A well designed irrigation system can save you time, while lowering your utility costs! C and D Landscape Co. features Rain Bird® irrigation products that deliver just the right amount of water, uniformly, to your lawn and shrub beds.

Hardscapes & Pavers

Extend your living space to the outdoors! Let us create your own unique paver patio, stone seating wall, or custom water feature. Our experts are dedicated to ensuring cautious and precise delivery of the procedures involved!

Get a plan drawn up

It’s one thing to talk about ideas, but it’s another to see it on paper. A good contractor will either draw up a plan in-house– which we do at Precision– or recommend a professional to have a formal plan drawn up. The initial investment can seem daunting for some people (a plan can be anywhere from $500-$3,000 depending on scope and detail). Having a plan in place, however, can help you plan for 1-10yrs down the road rather than a “band-aid” solution for the time being. It also allows you to see the layout and flow of the different plant choices, pathways, yard space, lighting layout, and other elements of the installation.

Communicate throughout the project

It’s usually very easy to make a change while the installation is happening, but not so easy after the fact. If you see something that you realize in the moment will not work well for your family or your lifestyle, or if you see something that just doesn’t look good, tell your contractor. Sometimes an item was installed, a plant chosen, etc. for a specific reason; however, an item choice can be changed, and a happy solution can be found. At Precision it is our goal for you enjoy the finished product, and not look at it every day and wish something was different. Therefore, we follow these guidelines and advise our clients in the same way. Communication always makes things go smoother and a good contractor will handle that well!

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